If you need to contact physiotherapy at National Star College please use this link: Contact Physiotherapy

The videos below will have be identified as beneficial within NSC learners continuity of programme pack.
If in doubt, please contact physiotherapy via the above email link.



This video contains advice and guidance for those providing joint range of movement stretches to those who are unable to move and stretch themselves.

Difficulty rating: EASY

**Only attempt to use this video if you have been advised to perform stretches as per physiotherapy guidelines from National Star College. You will be informed if stretches are part of an individualised physiotherapy management programme.

Tai Chi


General upper limb exercises with music - can be performed sitting or standing.

Difficulty rating above: EASY/MOD


Difficulty rating below: EASY

**Any student with upper limb movement can attempt these exercises - they are supposed to be painless and gentle. It does not matter if they are not performed fully, any attempt is worthwhile movement.

Fitness Exercises


Core, upper and lower limbs exercises for those who would normally participate in a fitness programme at college.

Difficulty rating above: HARD


Difficulty rating below: EASY/MOD

General Exercises


General video available to all on Youtube that works through a seated upper limb cardio workout with active stretches. Video relevant up to approx 30mins.

Difficulty rating: MOD/HARD

This video is a generic video that may be of benefit to learners with good upper limb range of movement and participate in upper limb fitness to maintain joint range of movement and strength.

Breathing Exercises


Breathing exercises are really important when making sure our lungs are expanding as much as they can. This means that the lungs can work at their maximum and prevents areas at the bases from being less active. Breathing exercises should be practiced at least once a day - especially if you are less active at the moment than you normally would be.

Two videos below might help to demonstrate how to take deeper breaths. The second refers to respiratory conditions but the principles of deep breathing apply to all are are safe to perform.


Difficulty rating below: EASY

Difficulty rating below: MOD/HARD

Movement Advice


Regular movement is of maximum importance.

Difficulty rating: EASY

Keeping as active as you can whilst at home is vitally important to your muscles, joints heart and lungs. Use the videos above to exercise if you can, or incorporate stretches as part of your get up or go to bed routine.

If you normally use a wheelchair during the day it is important to change your position or have time out of your chair. This will reduce the risk of pressure areas developing. Such opportunities to change your position could be during personal care.

If you have equipment at home to help you stand or walk try to use it daily to give your legs a stretch aswell as all the other benefits of standing and weight bearing.

The NHS has a website with exercise programmes in the form of videos. Well worth a look for the more active learners. Click on NHS Fitness to go to their website and menu.

For something a little different theres always Andys Wild Workout from Cbeebies. The video link below is a playlist (with links to others if you use the menu in the top right hand corner) of more exercise videos. They are mainly for learners able to stand but many of the upper limb components of the workout can be performed seated aswell.

If you are looking for other ways to keep active you may be suitable to use the Mira Rehab therapys software on your computer (view this LINK for more details or please ask for details if you haven not been contacted about this) or search for webcam games which are computer games that use your webcam and movement to play a game. One such example is as follows: Webcam Games (you will need flash installed).